Valentine’s Pizza & Delicatessen Skaneateles

Valentine's Delicatessen of Skaneateles, NYValentine Wellington was a turn-of-the-century Skaneateles farmer who just loved a good sandwich. Legend has it that young Valentine would follow his father to the barn in the early morning tugging at the elder’s boots and saying, “Today, Dad? Can I make the sandwiches today?”

In time, his father let Valentine make sandwiches for the farm hands. Valentine took this chore seriously, baking his own bread and preparing a special sauce from tomatoes grown in the family garden which overlooked the lake. His reputation spread. One day the bread dough did not rise the usual way. To make matters worse, Valentine accidently spilled some of his special sauce on the dough. The appearance intrigued the young Valentine. “Eureka!” he said, and flattened the dough. He added some fresh cheese and creased the edge. He slid his creation into the oven.

Valentine WellingtonWhen the crust browned nicely and the sauce bubbled gently, Valentine removed the finished product from the oven and carried it proudly to the barn. Eager to eat anything Valentine had baked, several farm hands called, “Yo, Valentine, gimme a pizza that!” And the rest is food history. Valentine called the product “pizza” and the first pizza party was held.

Since that fateful day, Valentine has left this life. Some believe his dying wish was that one of his descendants would open a delicatessen and pizza shop in his beloved village. Now that wish has come true. Welcome to Valentine’s. Join us in saluting one of the area’s first settlers, Valentine Wellington, a lover of good sandwiches, fresh-dough pizza and other fine foods.

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